About New York Tilemakers

We cultivate a workplace culture that fosters constant improvement and exploration. Experimentation thrives, and culture and creativity rule.


Steadfast Craftmanship

Our tiles and murals are made in a state of the art facility in Long Island City, Queens, where an extensive design library provides constant stimulus. While much has changed in the ways of equipment over the years, our careful craftsmanship has steadfastly remained the same.

Dedicated Artisans

Our products are handmade by skilled artisans in small quantities. We make tiles-to-order; choose a color, choose a pattern, and we’ll put your order into production.

Our products are not your average tile — their unique handcrafted characteristics will be distinctive in your installation. Our tile is handmade (a.k.a perfectly imperfect) for over.

"Our tiles are handled, cared for and finished by real people — no two tiles are alike. We think that’s pretty cool."

New York Tilemakers

The Artisan

Andru Eron founded N.Y. Tilemakers just over 15 years ago.

Andru Eron, New York Tilemakers

After attending Parsons School of Design in New York, Andru had a restless spirit and curiosity about the applied and fine arts. During classes at The Crafts Students League in Manhattan, an experienced British instructor inspired his mastery of tile making skills, from medieval to Modernist styles. Andru went on to start his own business, initially renting a kiln in a Brooklyn hobby and ceramics shop.

Andru’s early sales were made directly to clients and designers, through a network established during 25 years of contracting, restoration, and renovation.

Read Andru's latest insights about the industry:

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