Learn About Our Process

Welcome to the workspace of New York Tilemakers. We create pieces that are loved for their design and quality. And we produce our ceramics in a healthy way. 

Preparing the Clay

Applying the Template

Glaze Firing in the Kiln

We are celebrating close to two years in our Long Island City, Queens studio. Prior to this space, we were in North Brooklyn for 18 years. Learn more about our eco-friendly tilemaking process in the steps below.


An extruder provides just the right consistency of moist clay.

Slab Roller

A portion of moist clay is placed on the slab roller.

Slab Formation

A slab is formed in exactly the right thickness.


We use templates (1 piece molds) to impress the designs into the moist clay. 


The templates are great for smaller quantities of tiles.

Plaster Mold

For larger quantities, we make and use plaster molds, and a tile press.

A silicone template is pushed into the moist clay.

Plunge Cutting

A steel plunge cutter is used to insure every tile is the right size (plus shrinkage amount).

Drying Process

The tiles have been embossed and dry for up to 2 weeks.

Bisque Firing

The first time in the kiln is called the bisque firing.

The Kiln Room

The tiles, inside of the kiln, will glaze inside of the kiln room.

Kiln Glazing

Tiles after glazing, and a second firing. This earthenware is gray when unfired, and bright white after.