Covid Relief Tiles: New Memory Holders and Wall Hangings from NYT

New Works from New York Tilemakers, Inspired by Covid-19


From self-isolating during Covid-19 to going virtual for Coverings 2020, New York Tilemakers has continued to push through creatively during this fully digital reality.

A new project came about in May 2020 when New York Tilemakers began producing the Covid Relief Tiles in various colors and sizes.

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We’ve created these new works not only in response to the worldwide pandemic, but as memory holders whose purpose is up to the customer’s interpretation. These vessels have morphed into wall hangings and miniature sculptures, and are interchangeable throughout the home.

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The Covid Relief tiles are approximately 8" to 9” in diameter, while the memory holders are 9” diameter and 4” in height. They are created by the same process as our Art Tiles and made of glazed earthenware.


We are currently producing Covid Relief Tiles in our studio in Long Island City, Please contact us at or 989-ART-TILE for information about pricing and to bring one of these home. 


One of our clients in California has chosen to display their Covid Relief Tile upon the living room mantel among a growing sculpture collection. In a way, the tile becomes a sculpture itself. A client in New York has wall-mounted one near their home workstation and another client in New Jersey used theirs as decoration in the entryway.

Most recently one of our Covid Relief Tiles found a home tucked away on Vashon Island in Washington State.

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New York Tilemakers is producing custom versions of the Covid Relief tiles and memory holders (while social distancing) inside our studio in Long Island City. Check out the latest works in progress below:

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All images courtesy of New York Tilemakers. All designs © 2020 New York Tilemakers.