The Contractor Series

The Contractor Series encompasses design elements tying into both the Client and Landlord Series from New York Tilemakers.


Cottage Art Tile

The Cottage art tile mixes subtle repetition and overlapping curves, calling to mind a venn diagram of possible tactile relations. 

Product Information

We make distinctive ceramics in a healthy way. Our low-fire earthenware tiles are an energy-efficient product. Locally-sourced raw materials help with LEED qualification.

tile qualities:
  • Energy efficient
  • Lead-free glaze
  • Made-to-order

Design Collections

Mix and match or create your custom combination of colors and tiles.

Clinic Igloo Panel

Playful shapes from the Clinic and Igloo tiles bounce off one another, moving together seamlessly.

Bungalow Panel

The Bungalow panel creates a sense of movement and space through the repetition of the Bungalow tile.

Yurt Panel

The Yurt panel is playful and reminiscent of the wheel shaped dwelling of its namesake.

Learn About Our Process

See how we create The Contractor Series at our studio.