The Landlord Series

We created the Landlord Series to represent the variety of apartment dwellings across the five boroughs of New York City.


Silo Art Tile

Part of the Landlord Series, the Silo tile was inspired by both the sleek repetition and intentional variation of architectural elements within shared spaces.

Product Information

We make distinctive ceramics in a healthy way. Our low-fire earthenware tiles are an energy-efficient product. Locally-sourced raw materials help with LEED qualification.

Tile qualities
  • Energy efficient
  • Lead-free glaze
  • Made-to-order

Design Collections

Mix and match or create your custom combination of colors and tiles.

Silo Panel

The Silo panel takes the sleek repetition of the Silo tile, creating exciting patterns and contrast.

Co-op Panel

The Co-op panel accentuates the sleek repetition that governs the Landlord Series.

Discotheque Panel

The Discotheque panel repeats the pebble pattern of the classic Discotheque tile.

Learn About Our Process

See how we create The Landlord Series at our studio.